Beyond our highly effective matchmaking process, Kunexus offers numerous personal services and community building opportunities.  These personalized and discreet services offer Black women the opportunity for continuous improvement of mind, body and spirit. 


Matchmaking & Dating

Kunexus was founded by Black female academics (PhDs) who are experts in human behavior and psychology.  This expertise was used to create our highly effective matchmaking system and ensures that our client pairs connect based on physical attraction as well as mental and emotional compatibility.  All three elements are highly important in a life partner.  Our matchmaking clients can expect excellent service and attention that is always highly individualized and discreet.


Style Consulting

An important part of self expression is our outward appearance.  Perhaps you’ve become accustomed to wearing those scrubs both on and off the hospital floor, or maybe you simply want to spruce up your look.  In either case, Kunexus provides resources to local professional stylist that have experience working with a Black woman’s shape and body type.  These wardrobe stylists will work with you to help you achieve the new look you desire.  Don’t believe the hype ladies. There is the misperception that only males are visual beings.  We are too.  Lets look and feel our best because we deserve nothing less!


Relationship Coaching

Kunexus offers virtual relationship coaching, in an open dialogue format, led by highly trained Psychologists and relationship specialists.  These sessions are held virtually and each session covers the critical skills necessary to develop and maintain a healthy and loving relationship both before and after you’ve been introduced to your life partner. These sessions are discreet, yet open and honest and speak from a Black, lesbian perspective.  


Black & Educated Lesbians (BELS)

Join the active sisterhood that enlightens, encourages and empowers Black women, identifying as lesbian, bi-sexual, queer or pansexual, to embrace and continually strive for health, healing, balance and self love.  Nothing but truth, support, growth and positivity here.  Join our monthly BELS webinar, and best of all, its free!  *you do not have to be single to join

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